Probably, many thought about how to find a good, monetary and stable job. In today’s world, there is little stability left in such an island, so the choice of profession must be approached very carefully. One of the few industries that pay well and have a guaranteed demand for personnel is work at sea. And if you are interested in the work of a sailor, read more on the resource – the sea truth.

In this magazine material our invited expert sailor will tell you where to go to study marine business, how many specialists of different professions get at sea, what qualities you need to have for this job, and where to look for work on a ship.

Which educational institutions in Russia prepare sailors

Hello, my name is Vladlen. To say that I had some definite problem is to say nothing. It all started from the moment I entered St. Petersburg Marine Technical College in order to save a year of time for my future work in the marine industry.

When you enter a higher education institution, you need to study 11 classes at school, and if you go to college, then you get a year earlier a document with which you can work in the sea. Of course, Peter can be called the capital of the maritime industry, since all the largest companies and the best maritime schools are here. I think so: St. Petersburg Marine Technical College, Makarov State Maritime Academy, Admiral S. O. Makarov St. Petersburg State University of Marine and River Fleet. In institutions I am sure there are good teachers who know a lot about sea business.

What should a beginner know about work in the sea?

We all know that salaries in Russia are low. If we talk about today, it is mainly people who earn their money, politicians and sailors. This profession has always been profitable in itself, it is a stable job, where you get a stable high salary. Yes, of course, it is dangerous, mainly for this reason they pay a good salary.

Marine Professions

So, let’s get down to business, you want to work at sea and earn real money for real work. Right here starts a million questions, but I will explain everything to you. Initially, you should decide whether you prefer to disassemble and repair the engine, or to work with documentation and maps.

There are three types of workers on a ship: mechanics, boat operators and electricians (I will keep quiet about the cooks, because there is almost no work for them now). There is also a parallel section of the branch – it is to be an ordinary staff, from which then it is difficult to get out, or to be in the command staff.

How to become a sailor on a ship
The largest container ship in the world

The rank and file means sailors and motorists, as people say, “Bring, give, smell”. If you have heard somewhere that sailors earn a lot, and you wondered how to get a job as a sailor on a ship, it is easy, but the salary of a sailor is not so high. Training and obtaining the necessary certificates takes place in any marine training center, which is available in almost every city, after which you will have to pass the exam in the local marine inspection. The difference between categories is that a sailor is a deck worker, and a motorist is a machine worker.

To learn on the rank and file will cost you in the area of 1100-1500 $, and on time it will take 3 – 5 months. That in terms of payback, the cost will be a little more than your monthly salary, on average at various firms it ranges from $ 800 to $ 1200.

Once you have worked on a couple of contracts on the ship as a sailor or motorist, you will be able to improve your skills in the same training center where you were trained, and go back to the inspection to pass the exam.

Career development as a sailor

When you are promoted, you are promoted and your salary is also higher than the previous one, plus the interest from the firm that you get if you work for them not the first contract. But the nuance is that in this way you can rise to the maximum to the bosun with a salary not exceeding $2,200. As you can see, the career growth here is small, but the simplicity and speed of starting work are maximum.

The ship’s crew and its salary

But the command staff consists of the captain’s assistants, the chief mechanic’s assistants, the captain and the chief mechanic himself. Here you can walk around in your career, but the problem is the cost and time of training, which is about $700 – $800 a year, and if you go to college, you will have to study for at least 4 years and, if you go to a higher maritime institution, a maximum of 6 years to get the Junior (4th assistant captain or senior mechanic). These are not all expenses, and do not forget your documents and certificates, which will cost another $1,000.


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